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Eco-Rid® LLC
 Thermal Remediation

A new Pandemic is starting in the United States, they are small and they are pesky…BED BUGS! Some are embarrassed to admit that these intruders are violating them and their home. No worries, Eco-Rid® LLC can provide a DISCREET, safe, reliable way to rid you of these pesks without poisoning your home with toxins or carcinogens.  We kill bed bugs dead, stop this infestation from plaguing your home.

 Eco Rid will kill bed bugs with thermal remediaton. We provide service for central Colorado.




Eco Rid kills bed bugs


WE are:

Eco- friendly

Totally Green Technology




No need to discard any household item! Costs less than other more harmful and conventional ways of killing bed bugs!


NO carcinogenic or hazardous chemicals





Sweet Dreams when the Bed Bugs don’t bite!

 Kill Bed Bugs

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